midwest portfolio cover

Midwest Portfolio, IN/OH

772 Units

This why we like the Midwest - a T12 cap rate over 7%, long term fixed debt at 4%, and lots of room to complete major renovations and add value to the neighborhoods we're in. Purchasing at $65k/door with rent upside to over $1000/mo.


  • Super low leverage 49% LTC
  • Projected returns 12% COC and 16% IRR
  • Rents $400/mo below next level comps
  • Closing December 2021
L&L Portfolio

L&L Portfolio, Jacksonville, NC

This is a hidden gem - clean property with 95%+ occupancy in a growing area. Purchasing at $70k/door with rent upside to $1000/mo. Going in at a 6% cap rate on T12 and assuming low leverage fixed rate debt at 2.82%.


  • Super low leverage 43% LTV
  • Projected returns 14% COC and 16% IRR
  • Rents $400/mo below next level comps
  • Closing November 2021

Westbury Reserve

A true purchase discount at $77k/door in a path of progress neighborhood on the east side of Houston, TX.  We're excited about this 320-unit property with huge upside. It's going to look amazing when we're dong renovating!

Projected 12-14% COC / 16-18% IRR

Closing November 2021

lake vista teaser pic


Wait, is that a development deal???Bet you didn't know we do development deals!  Breaking ground soon!

Projected 0% COC / 25% IRR

Closing December 2021